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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bitchin' blog

early a.m. really just sick of the whole school thing. the whining "I don't want to go to school", "I don't want to bring you to school". aaarrgghhh, so 5 days out of 5 days we are "tardy" who the hell decided to start school at 8:10 anyway. I am grumpy and p.m.s. ridden. I just want to weep for hours and then take a long nap,wake up to a pomegranite spritzer and a clean house. boo hoo. Baby just had RSV aka bronchiolitus ,scary respritory virus with fever, gooey eyes, wheezing, boogers, coughing the night long, lots of snot, congestion, terrible crankiness and LOTS of nursing. this included 4 Dr. visits E.R. until 1a.m. aahhh the life of a haggard mama. Besides all that one of my bestest SINGLE (no kids no guy) girlfriends is visiting from the mid west. She is amazing. She loves my wild kids and tells me how wonderful they are and that they are just amazing kids. cool!
so after a lazy I ain't cookin' dinner of tea and apple pie and a game of dirty word scrabble the kids decide to show off their coolness. ok it was like totally insane... the big boy is in his room screaming at the TOP of his lungs kicking the door and the wall yelling "You think I'm a bitchhhh!!!" and the baby is following me around the kitchen screetching at the top of her baby lungs"WAAAAAHHHH!!!" wow it was like a fuckin' birth control commercial. "so folks unless your prepared to rock it all night long like this lucky lady, take a pill, wrap it up, pull it out or just say no thanks. jeeze i really could go momentarily insane, " somebody please go in their and calm him down I think I might crush him aaarrgghghh. his is my first born. I remember holding him so close when he was newborn and whispering in his sweet little ear " i could never yell at you or get mad" bbbbaaahhh hahah hahhaaa hhaaa shit i'm gonna piss myself, going insane never felt so good...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Real Moms Speak: Wisdom from the Trenches.

From Parent Hacks:

Editor Angel Rutledge is seeking the stories of moms who've "been there" for a new book called "Real Moms Speak: Wisdom from the Trenches." Here's a chance for your real-world knowhow -- the stuff you're so generously sharing with Parent Hacks -- to have a shot at paper-and-ink publication.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Ok,so anyone can guess that this cute little butt belongs to the one and only Jeremy seed, little sweet Oliver. At my house we love to fart, even the baby cracks a smile when she hears the joyful rip or creates her very own fabulous sound. So, farts are just a very fun part of being human, plenty of jokes and smells to remember. I am a particularly bass bottom and we have a BLAST!! So tell us your family fart fun times. Jeremy, in all the years I have known him and all the time we have spent hanging out, I have yet to witness a joyful noise ripping from the tiny arse he beholds. Maybe some people are just born farters. My father is and has always been The King Of Farts. Ripping huge loud farts at any time and place when I was a kid; EMBARRASSING when he would jump and look at the frail little elderly woman next to him like she had some gassss... so Blessed Be The Fart Makers... peace.

Make It Do: Parent Hacks

Some chumps think they know something about parenting. Well maybe they aren't chumps. Click the link to decide for yourself.
Make It Do: Parent Hacks

How do I get by?

You adapt beeatch. Check out my blog to join the conversation about doing just that. Look for and post ideas about life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity. Make It Do


Cathy Resmer over at Seven days wrote a wicked article about Hal Colston's new project.

BURLINGTON -- "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Can that adage help Vermont families out of poverty? Self-described "social entrepreneur" Hal Colston thinks so.

I wonder if they can hook me up with a rich widow through this program? I'm sure I could satisfy at least two or three of them. See, I do have something to contribute to my community.

...aaaand followed by a really depressing article about Vermont Tenants losing funding. This sucks so much that someone else is going to hafta comment on it. B( Link

Oh yeah... the lady on the cover makes Zappalower blush..teehee.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

about me?

Ok so it took me 3 f-ing days to figure out how to post on this thing. Lydia invited me to umm... oh yeah myspace and it took me hours to write something about myself. I still left alot blank( like the space in my mind for things I like ), cause I really don't like Annie's mac n' chz and tofu pups for everymeal and I don't want to eat fucking goldfish everytime I need a snack and if I hear the Mad Hampster Cd again I will barf exorsist style all over our rented walls. So yeah about me? here she comes,Miss Tigerlily with a fever for the last 24 hrs. "up mama", arms reach up she bleats "mimi's?" everytime I touch the keyboard. So here I am with a fevery little toddler hanging off my tit trying to write about me... I LOVE MY KIDS I LOVE BEING A MAMA, my disclaimer for my right to Bitch about my tits and my soft cat belly and all the stuff I wouldn't give up to be a sexy, irresponsible, gettin' laid any time I please, hedonistic disco queen but enough about me. peaceloverevolution...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


From Bett Lambs Blam Blog

This feller is a hoot!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Food Stamps? I wish...

God forbid you find yourself gainfully employed. If your waaaay over the poverty line at a whopping 10 bucks an hour you can pay your rent and utilities and then mooch dinner off your food stamp mama friends. I will be taking applications for 'hostess' positions and I will have work for all your school age children marketing my own independent line of recreational pharmaceuticals. I know, I know, but I've tried everything else and I have to pay off those school loans somehow....

Sunday, January 15, 2006

addicted by Jeremy

hello beautiful food stampin' mamas,

tonight begins our revolutionary blogger beginnings thanks to Jeremy (he set me up) and Jodi (subject matter inspiration) so I'm chatting on the phone with Jodi and we are bitchin' about our food stamps (also grateful ) now she is working so they cut her food stamps to $60 a month so what the hell are you working for to make up for your food stamps!!! so anywho how do you shop for good organic food that costs three times as crappy pesticide ridden veggies and make your big bucks last. hmmm reveloutionary thought by Jodi " what the fuck I need both " (job & stamps) what if you could have both for one year a new program called" back on your feet" and you really got support to stand on your own two feet and catch up. I am overeducated according to Reach up and am unable to do any postsecondary education even though I have a 15 year old associates degree. hmmm how are they encouraging me to REACH Up fuckin' Step on is a better name for the program. blah blah blah gotta go make dinner har har, wannna eat organic gotta be the richest fucker on the planet... (set to the tune of some folky jingle)