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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Hour

ohh The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, SMITTEN I am. "The thinking woman's pin up boy" cripes... He is my T.V. boyfriend.  Shit I am still living in fantasy and it sure feels good.  It has been a freaky week.   I  just spent 5 days with someone I knew when I lived in Boston, 17 years ago I was 23 and a nanny in Boston, driving a mercedes and life before children.  G-Love was on the cusp of discovery and my friend worked for Sony music. we saw G-Love often,  Jeff Buckley, Bruce Cockburn and puffed many a night at the plow & Star.  People are strange and they really change.  I should have known when he said my T.V. boyfriend is a pussy.  Hmmm... so I am recovering from the visit and thankful for his generosity as he spoiled the kids and I to a major extent.  He bought me a car and took us out to eat EVERY meal.  He also drank Vodka from the moment he woke until he fell asleep, it felt sad to witness his sadness. Oh the curse of being rich and lonely.  I wonder if George is lonely...


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