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Monday, March 13, 2006

"wild" nature play as a kid...

Check this article out. It was a great reminder to me as my big boy asked to go on adventure today. I went blank. Duh! walking in the woods, it's so simple. This simple Mama is taking the chitlins to the woods tommorow. thank you...

"Our study indicates that participating in wild nature activities before age 11 is a particularly potent pathway toward shaping both environmental attitudes and behaviors in adulthood," said Wells, whose previous studies have found that nature around a home can help protect children against life stress and boost children's cognitive functioning.

"When children become truly engaged with the natural world at a young age, the experience is likely to stay with them in a powerful way -- shaping their subsequent environmental path," she added.


Monday, March 06, 2006

I survived school vacation

Only one more day to go of school vacation, yippppeeee. I love spending time with the big boy it is really rewarding for the most part although about 85% of the time we spend arguing about anything he can find to be argumentitive about. Right now for example he is really pissed because I won't take $ out of the bank to buy him a new toy because he's bored. hhmmm... yeah , oh and yesterday I found some lovely chicken scratch scrawled on my wall next to my bed it said" bich" it had a big circle around it. nice huh. sooo I remember how hard it is to be 7 and not have any power. now it's like I need the fuckin' power of a psych degree, conflict-resolution training, creative speaking and negotiating skills, how to deal with never having sex with self or an actual man due to time/space/location etc.( thanks kids for expanding my selfish little world.) I'd probably be on vacation, miserable in Hawaii or some tropical/exotic location, having sex anytime I want, looking at my youthhful unlined appearance, doing yoga on the beach then whining about how lonely it is to pee all by myself. har! har! I split my own sides with these fantasies. I really do love a party in the bathroom and my little fine lines, as Ani says " I've got highways for stretch marks see where I've grown." gotta go entertain in the bano. PEACE