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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Seasonal Affective Depression Rap

No good at faking
So it shows on my face
No good at talking
So I'm stuck in this place

Can't call the race
So why have a phone
Can't swallow the pill
I'll just chew on this bone

You can put up
But can you live up
How many peices can you pick up
Load so heavy you can't stand up

Leave 'em where they lie
Crush 'em under your heel
Umm... step light over there
That one's slick like a peel

Geez, what a winey bitch...


sunday nite... after a cold day bundled up going to the market in the am with the kids ( I knew something was going to be strange when I was brushing my teeth) I am squating to choose "apposauce" for baby girl when the Boy I had sex with a few weeks ago (total primal indulgence) approaches me ( he blew me off for drinks on fri. night) his line "I wasn't trying to avoid you" I think, BARF!!!I have been thru this, you could have called to cancel 100million times thing with boys and still here it is again UGH!! "I was gonna come by with chocolate and explain" he says. then he hands me chocolate "I was gonna bring this by later" RIGHT !!!!! Explain what, why I am biologically hardwired to desire a sweet chocolate like fucking once a month. BARF! again. ohhh I just got it !I crave man and try to satisfy with boy, like craving chocolate and trying to satisfy with sugar free carob. DUH!!!!