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Saturday, May 20, 2006

drizzle drizzle

alive! she cried. finally i will try a new fuckin' post, each time i do the circus comes through my house in several forms. Childhood illness swept me away this spring. Now it is May 20th. it's freakin' raining for days, still wearing fleece. The sun may shine soon and I will peel away the layers exposing my vulnerable self to joy and sunshine.... ooohhh I may crawl out from under my fleece chastity blankey. so I take my own oath of chastity, declaring my jezebel ways to be gone and then one morning I wake up with a reddish mark on my neck, it looks like a fucking hickey!!! I am marked and it has been visible now for almost three weeks it won't go away. ok Universe what is this saying to me ... go hang out in front of the mall, give it up, get over it, or heaven forbid, never leave the house without a sensible turtleneck on aaahhh!!! never the turtleneck. My girlfriend saw me at Kid's Day today "nice hickey" she whispered so seductively (i forgot to mention that my friends are either highly amused at my oath or completly annoyed and ready to burn my fleece blankey.) I barf internally and smile bitchily and walk on zipping up my coat and placing my hair over my neck. Maybe the circus included a horny vampire. oohh I am bad too much rain makes the imagination run wild.